Sunday, March 1, 2009

And so it begins...

It's only money... Love is all you need... Can't buy me love... Money can't buy happiness...

Horse shit.

Pardon me. That was rude. I mean, but really. Really?

Well how's this: I'm in love. In fact, I'm in love with a human being who is nearly as close to perfect as our species can possibly get. (And no, I'm not wearing rose colored blinders, or whatever that cliche was that everybody's grandma used to mention. He just is, and perhaps if you stay tuned to this blog, you will see why I say so.) Even though this man is relatively perfect,
(for me) we have issues. Like, mayjah.

There is nothing that I would change about us. We rock. Except...well maybe there is this ONE thing... Cashflow.

All you have to do is drive down the street, or head to the mall, or turn on the news... We are living inside the dense fog of a major recession and, for many us, it. is. suffocating. At least, it is for us.

You see, my honey and I are artists... Yes... The starving kind. And we were starving BEFORE the recession monster hit the fan. Well, not starving, but lets just say that neither one of us has been able to purchase a Bentley with the fruits of our labor. We were OK. Alas, dominos have fallen and the lover and me have decided to make a career change until further notice, because making ends meet with our art is simply out of the question at this point in time. Actually, making ends notice each other across a crowded room is even a stretch at the moment.

This is a huge source of stress between us, even though we both go to great lengths not to mention how much we hate ourselves for putting aside what we truly love. But hey....ya gotta live. We ALL have to do this thing called life and it is not always the most enjoyable game of Candyland... At this point, it's feeling a lot more like Battleship. (Remember Battleship?! "You sank my BATTLESHIP!!")

So back to my original thought...I say, YES! Money could certainly buy my happiness right now!
Most indubitably!! I would soooooooo NOT shun a benefactor. Unfortunately for me and most of us, it doesn't look as though Daddy long legs will be making an appearance anytime soon. With that in mind, I'm sure that we will survive and even thrive in our new careers. I am also sure that we will somehow always find some way to find bliss on the battleship.

Keep floating, and welcome to my blog.